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Frost “Mae Kha Ning”

Wintertime arrives with cool breeze and that affect climate to become lower, especially in the northern Thailand. Freezing cold weather lead to frost or can be called “Mae Kha Ning” and found in the chilly top mountain. The word “Mae Kha Ning” is from the Northeastern whereas it is called “Mei Khap” in Northern. These two words have the same meaning which refers to ice crystals caused by water vapor in the air near the ground surface lowers its temperature to the dew point temperature. Then, frost or “Mae Kha Ning” is occurred.

“Mae Kha Ning” can be found in valley or great heights with temperatures around zero degrees Celsius or slightly negative. Ice Crystals often be seen cling together with grass. As the temperature turn down even more, “Mae Kha Ning” would appear in white throughout the area, including on branches and flowers. At the chilly night time, dew on the grass and leaves becomes frost or “Mae Kha Ning” when the cold air near zero degrees.

The tourist attractions where “Mae Kha Ning” can be found every year is Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. When the wintertime arrives, temperature decreases below zero degrees, “Mae Kha Ning” would appear. Besides Doi Inthanon, “Mae Kha Ning” can also be found at “Doi Ang Khang”. Because this valley has no wind, “Mae Kha Ning” occurs every year, just like in Phu Kra Dung and other high mountains.

Dawn is when people usually admire “Mae Kha Ning”. Dew would freeze and become frost. It usually occurs in December of each year in early winter. However, some years, “Mae Kha Ning” would appear since November.

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