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Zipline Package Ticket

Zipline Package

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3,000 Baht
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Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline
Zipline Package

Zipline Package

Details of amusement attractions in the package

  • Zipline (14 platforms ~45 Minute) is a thrilling ride employing a cable across a valley for adventure seekers. While traveling, riders can explore a lush jungle of Chiang Mai, and will also be fascinated by a panoramic view of Mon Long (Mon Kwam Long) and the Nong Hoi Royal Project from an elevated view.
  • Jungle Coaster (1 round) is similar to a roller coaster in which visitors will ride, in open cars, along the track with tight turns down the hill. Riders can control velocity by using a brake stick – The first and the only ride of its type in Thailand.
  • Jungle Bicycle (1 round) offers fun experiences of cycling on a 200-metre cable while enjoying a view from a bird’s eye view.
  • Quick Jump (1 round) is similar to bungee jump involving jumping from a 14-metre-tall structure to the base at a certain velocity for the first 5 metres before gradually slowing down.
  • Giant Swing (1 round)
  • Coffee & Cake 1 set Or Lunch buffet
  • Shuttle van round trip


  • Adventure are designed for participants of average mobility, fitness and strength who are in reasonably good health. Obesity, High blood pressure, cardiac and coronary artery disease, pulmonary problems, pregnancy, arthritis, prior head, neck, or back injuries or other joint and muscular-skeletal problems may impair the safety and well-being of participants; as may other medical, physical, psychological and psychiatric problems (Conditions). All or any of these Conditions may increase the inherent risks of experience and cause the Participant to be a danger to themselves or others.
  • Pongyang Zipline allowed participants who have age between 7 – 70 years old. And the maximum weight is 100kg. Pongyang Zipline reserves the right to ask Participants to be weighed prior to taking part in the activity.
  • Participants under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian properly authorized to agree to these Booking Terms and sign the Participation Waiver on that minor’s behalf.
  • Zipline is an outdoor activity. Weather is changeable therefore all Participants must dress accordingly.

Package details

  • Included in the package: admission fee and amusement attractions specified in the package, personal accident insurance with the coverage of 1 million Baht, and a medical expense up to 500,000 Baht
  • Included in the package: transport chiang mai downtown.

More Information

ซิปไลน์ มุมกว้าง ซิปไลน์ มุมมองจากโดรน ซิปไลน์ Zipline มุมมองพานอรามา จังเกิ้ลโคสเตอร์ Jungle Coaster Jungle Bicycle Giant swing Quick Jump

Zipline Package Special Price

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Regular Price 3,000
21 October 2019 2850
22 October 2019 2880
23 October 2019 2850
24 October 2019 2964
25 October 2019 2820
26 October 2019 2964
27 October 2019 2790
28 October 2019 2790
29 October 2019 2820
30 October 2019 2760
31 October 2019 2964
1 November 2019 2760
2 November 2019 2940
3 November 2019 2730
4 November 2019 2730
5 November 2019 2730
6 November 2019 2700
7 November 2019 2964
8 November 2019 2670
9 November 2019 2880
10 November 2019 2670
11 November 2019 2640
12 November 2019 2670
13 November 2019 2640
14 November 2019 2970
15 November 2019 2610
16 November 2019 2790
17 November 2019 2520
18 November 2019 2400

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